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Lewd  by XNekoMikuX Lewd :iconxnekomikux:XNekoMikuX 11 13
Too much
"My room is dark when I open my eyes, drawn awake by the low hum of music. I blink until my vision adjusts the soft glow outside my window tells me it's not quite down. I've been asleep for only a few hours. Light seeps from under my door, and I wait a beat for the music to stop. It doesn't . Slowly I get out of bed and feel my way toward the door. From the other side I can hear music, faint, but too close to be from the party. I listen, knowing immediately that I've heard the song before. I just can't place it"
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Zombie Story
 "Juan seems hurt, he lost his girlfriend when Julia killed by zombie in the alley near apartment. Juan trying to move on but he can't move on after that, Marcus helped him so well and Marcus is his best friend like three years.There was too much happening all at once. Everyday, i would go home to my father, since my mother wasn't home due to work. But when she was off, i was thankful yet confused. Thankful so i wouldn't have to through the torture of being alone with him. Then next day, Marcus already come over to my house. I was told something new. 'Why are you so stupid?' Juan sighed... Marcus touched his shoulder ' hey, don't worry you'll find new girlfriend' Juan told him ' B-but nothing seemed to get better. Some girl have huge crush on Juan and her name is Kaylie also she wants to talk to him in the school."
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                                                                                       Chapter 2

 Tears and joy

Art rose up by the sound of someone banging on the door, he put his clothes on and took his sword for his own safety, Art went to the door and opened it and saw a young man. He put down his sword and opened the door fully, and asked the young man why he was banging on the door

‘’I’m a messenger and got letter for you!’’ He said with a young and raspy voice.  

‘’From whom?’’ Said Art in a firm tone

‘’I don’t know, a man with a hood told me to give this to you.’’ he said with a hint or terror. Art looked at the messenger and took the letter, and gave him four crowns in payment. Art closed the door and locked it, he went to a chair made of mahogany wood and sat down to read the letter. The letter  contained weird symbols and doodles, He couldn’t understand the letter at all, but he got a feeling that it was important so he saved it. Art was thinking about the letter and its content, and about why anyone would send such a weird letter like that.

He stopped thinking about the letter, and thought of anyone he knew that could read such obscure letter. but the thought vanished,  he couldn’t even think of anyone.

Art went out to ask the farmers for help, everyone just shrugged and said a polite no. Art saw and old women in the centre of the tiny village, and he had never seen her. And he knows everyone in the village. He showed her the letter and she read it, after she finished reading it, she took Art’s hand and whispered to him

‘’chaos and disaster.’’ The old lady whispered, in a frightened tone. Art asked her politely if she knew someone that could the letter and the women pointed towards the woods, and she told Art, to look for someone, called the queen of the black birds. Art thanked her and gave her some money for the help. He went to the woods to find the queen of the black birds.

Art was deep in the woods looking for the queen’s home, but he got side-tracked when he heard something. He started to crouch and sneaked a bit to see a wolf puppy, the puppy laid beside two dead wolves. Supposedly his parents. he crept up to the puppy, and it got frightened. Art took out a piece of meat and laid it in front of him, the puppy crept up to the meat and smelled it.

After smelling the meat, the puppy ate it happily. Art took out his hand, and the puppy smelled it. then licked it. Art pated the wolf and stood up, he proceeded to walk deeper into the woods, but the wolf insisted and started to follow him, Art saw that the pup was following him so he picked up the wolf and went to the Queen.

The puppy was black with a tint of silver, his eyes were sky blue and the paws were a tiny bit of red from the blood of his dead parents. The nose was dark as an onyx and the ears looked like a bobcat by the fur on top of them.

Art and the puppy whose name was Adkaz. where standing outside a really old hut, he knocked on the crooked door and out came a young woman with long dark hair, as dark as a raven. Her face looked smooth and the body looked like an angel. She wore a long white robe made of linen with some black patterns on them. You could also see, a tiny bit of her black bra, holding her medium size breasts. The women looked at Art and asked who he was.

‘’I am Art. I’m coming from the village near the woods, looking for some help. And may I ask, are you the queen of black birds?’’

‘’Oh come in! And yes that my name, so you need some help, and what would that be about?’’ The Queen said with a smooth voice. Art went inside the Queen’s home and looked around, he could see that there were many vials with various liquids, and herbs that was scattered around. In one room there was a table with some chairs that supposedly a kitchen, there were also a staircase leading up.

‘’I need some help, to translate this letter I got.’’ Art said and gave her the letter. She red thoroughly through it and started to pick up a pen made of a griffin feather and a paper. She started to write and when she finished she gave the translated paper to Art.

‘’The letter is a spell that is wery old and ancient, what that do, is out of my knowledge. I may be a witch but I’m not an ancient one. And I hope you find the answer.’’ She said with a cute smile

’’Thanks a lot! Come Adkaz let’s g…’’ Art couldn’t finish his question when he got teleported into his home, He looked around to see if Adkaz was with him, and he couldn’t find him so he went out to looked for him. Art looked through the whole village for Adkaz not finding him at all, then he went back into the woods to look and see if he walked back there. Art looked for him until the burning sun turned into the pale moon and the clouds turned into stars, but he still couldn’t find him. Art went deeper into the woods, he saw a big cave opening, he went inside it and there were some cadavers of different animals and humans. Art got scared, not hoping to find Adkaz was one of the cadavers, he came to a dead end, and started to call for Adkaz. He stopped shortly after when he didn’t get a reply. Art started to walk home when he saw no point in finding him now more.

Art unlocked his door and went inside, he was depressed for not finding Adkaz. He thought a moment, what would Mike think of having a wolf as a pet, then he remembered that he isn’t home yet. Art felt tired so he decided to go to bed and continue the search for Adkaz tomorrow.

Art woke up at 4:00 in the morning by the sun shining in his eyes, he sat on the bed rubbing his eyes and then yawned. Art put on his clothes and his trusty sword, he went to the woods that Mike went on. And he saw some paw prints, he thought that they came from Adkaz. And he started to run, until he saw a familiar pup lying beside a dead body. Art walked to the body to investigate it. He recognizes it, it was Mike. He fell on his knees and started to cry.

‘’Mike?’’ Art said with tears running rapidly down his face, he put his hand on Mike’s forehead. Mike laid there, his face had a grey colour with a tint of blue, Art became paralyzed next to his brother, while it just started to snow. After some minutes of silence, Adkaz started to bark.

‘’Shhhh!’’ Hushed Art while sniffling. The glittering fluffy snow came floating down the sky and over Mike so he was covered with small snowflakes, Adkaz tilted his head and looked at Art wondering.

‘’Why did he hush at me? I did only show my sorrow for his dead brother, I know how it is to lose someone special. I lost my parents while they protected me from hunters.’’ Thought Adkaz. he walked to Art and started to lick his hand peacefully.

‘’Ohh Adkaz I can’t be mad at you, I’m so sorry can you forgive me?’’ Asked Art while petting Adkaz. he replied with a playful bark. Art stood up for the first time in a while, he lifted his dead brother up on one shoulder and started to walk home and bury him in his backyard.

Art patted the dirt that held down his brother’s body. He put some wolf bane on the flat soil because it was his favourite flower.

                                                                                       END OF CHAPTER 2!
chapter two Tears And Joy
Edit: I finaly got a name of the chapter!!! whooo!!! (stop myself) well I got help and if anyone wonders where chapter 3 is, it's on the way, probably gonna be a 2 parter, it's too big! well see you next time.

When I think about my past,
I see only disaster and

With those thoughts
I’m sad
Having feelings
That I never had before

I always think
Always play
That I’m killing myself

With those thoughts
I’m smiling
I’m happy

Because I think, that I’m not alive
I think everyone
Is happy
Only to have me dead

I always thought
That my life
Is not real
And not fun

While I’m taking up a knife
Put it to my throat
Thinking that this is good
Slashing a nice line
I drop everything
All the blood is flowing
Into my room
Covering everything
In red moist that is

I lay there with that knife in hand
Blood covering my throat
with only a smile on my face.

‘’I’m finally dead’’
I live in a house with five other kids, and sometimes my neighbour is angry, I get this poem in my head.
BMW electric car
this is the newest BMW and it's an electric driven car. Taken at Jönköping elmia.
There is no Satanism and there is no Christ heck I’m just a kid that people think I’m a satanic kid just because i have pentagrams and listening to the ''devils'' music that is so called rock music. But I’m not a satanic kid I’m just a normal kid that you would see everywhere I'm might look different and act different but that doesn’t make me different? So i don't know why you people just saying that we are satanic we're not we just like the style of music and we want to be a rock poser. I would not say that I’m a Christ ether i do like the song ''one of us'' with Joan Osborne and that is about god, but i do not worship god or go to church so does that make me a bad man? And if god was real he would make this word more peaceful and our ''god'' isn't Buddha or any other different religions gods. So if our ''god'' would do this world more peaceful would our ''god'' fight with other gods out there or what? I may like songs that have religious speak in it like the song ''year zero'' with Ghost B.C. they speak out Lucifer and his other names.


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